We are so fortunate to live in a time of major push to discard the stigma on mental illness, opening up an entire world of validation, freedom, and support.

As a first hand sufferer of anxiety and depression, I can speak to how valuable it has been to open up to my family and friends and share my experience while also getting to hear their perspective. Really my hope is to create an environment where everyone is comfortable sharing whatever is on their mind and whatever they’re going through. I know so many people who were empowered to become unafraid, better informed, and find better support through their problems as a result of talking through their experience.

I’ve been working as a life coach for several years, and in my work, I’m always focused on driving conversations about experiences, implementable solutions, and success stories. I also always encourage my clients to make building community and strengthening relationships a core focus of their goals for improvement. And I hope this website will be an online source of community for those who need it.